Spanish 285: Resonating Spaces of the Early Modern: Pastiche, Parody, Imitatio.

Instructor: Professor Emilie Bergmann

An exploration of the changing conceptualization of intertextual relationships, from Garcilaso’s Petrarchist poetics to dramatist Octavio Solís and novelist Giannina Braschi’s postmodern versions of Calderón’s La vida es sueño. Among the stops between: ekphrasis (verbal imitation of a work of visual art); the voices of pícaros from Lazarillo to Cabeza de Vaca and Cervantes; operas, novels, and music inspired by Sor Juana’s poetry; Carpentier and the architecture of the neo-Baroque. Critical readings will include recent work by Luis Avilés, Noelia Cirigliano, and Mar Martínez-Góngora on early modern space.

Most readings will be excerpts on bSpace.

  • Elective Requirement: This course fulfills the elective requirement for the DE in REMS.